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Gina Sims Designs Website Redesign Coming!

NOTE:  If you subscribe to this blog via WordPress, your subscription will move with the site to

I am currently working with Kitsch Consulting to redo my website and blog and it’s looking so good! We were busy talking functionality and layout and whatnot and then we moved to the fun stuff, the colors, the graphics, the purdy things. I put together a color inspiration board on Pinterest and I’m in love. Check out the whole board here.

You should also know I’m designing my header. It is SO fun to be able to create something so cool and have so many options! You know you want to know how to do that (and so much more), right? Well, get yourself to the next Image Design Camp! Message me and get on our wait list to spend a day with me and Christina Wedge Photography and learn how to use Photoshop and more! We had a blast last weekend at our inaugural event. More on that later…

Now, back to my website inspiration pictures:

Beautiful Art Pallette

Angles wall

Lulie WallaceI love the crisp, bright colors and angles in these images.

I can’t wait for you to see what Kitsch Consulting has been up to!

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Decorators’ Show House and Gardens Tour

The 44th Annual Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House and Gardens opened to the public this weekend. Built in 1926, the Palazzo Rosa, or “Pink Palace” so named for the pink flowered trees that bloomed years ago, has been outfitted by some of the best designers in Atlanta. We were invited last week for a preview. These were a few of my favorite rooms.


 When you have walls like this, all you can do is bow down to them and ask them politely how they would like you to outfit their room.


 I love the playful, yet sophisticated use of pattern and color in this vignette and how they used the outdoors to influence their design.


When you climb the grand staircase, this incredible vignette sits atop the landing. The colors and shape and scale were spot on and the art and lighting was breathtaking.

DSC_1621 I loved this closet for a thousand reasons but I especially love that chandelier. I put it in a client’s home last year and I still adore it.


In case you were wondering, this is pretty much what my bathroom looks like. Jaw dropped.


This image is opposite the tub in the previous picture. That’s right, in the bathroom. I love a herringbone floor. Always and forever.


This elegant dressing table had me imagining I was Elizabeth Bennett-Darcy getting ready to receive guests in the main hall.


Fact: If I had this terrace, designed by Parker Kennedy Living, I would never ever go inside. This Scalamandre fabric is one of my favorite things.


 That wallpaper. That is all.


 I realize I should not include this picture because it has a bag of trash in the middle of it, but come on, how amazing is this!? That is  purple fire in the fireplace, folks. Those bold floral drapery panels and that awesome mirror….swoon. Brian Kirkland designed this. He’s good.

What do you like or dislike about these rooms?

You need to see this place (there is SO much more!) for yourself. For more details, visit here.

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Fishing for Paradise

Even though I am undeniably a city girl, I adore visits to the country. The great thing about Nashville, Tennessee is that you find a beautiful and happy medium for both sides of your personality. We met my in-laws just outside of Nashville at a lovely private lake. My kids have been wanting to fish (to the point of tears, for some very odd reason) for quite some time. Thank God they both caught something! Sadly, I did not. I think the fish knew I wasn’t keen to bait my own hook. I think I heard one say “city girl, glug, glug.”

It was an absolutely idyllic day, as you can see.

Wander Lust. Childhood strolls.

Beautiful blue barn.

Considering a dandelion. Childhood wonder.

Fishing with my boy and a dog.

My man and a fish.

Gone Fishin'As much as we possibly can, we city folk need to wander off the beaten path, let the sun beat down on our faces, hear the sloppy pat of water on the shore and spend time with loved ones, without an agenda.

Get out there, practice the art of wonder, and wander.

Happy Friday!

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Pst…Fashion and Interior Design are living together!

Interior design is the roommate that borrows shamelessly from the cool roommate’s closet. At first she borrows a scarf and turns it into a throw pillow and the next thing you know, she’s gone reverse von Trapp Family Singers on you and her clothes are now drapery panels.

If you love to wear a certain color or style, it is likely that you will want to be surrounded by the same style in your house. I often tell clients to look to their closet for their home color palette inspiration. If your closet is on the drab side, however, giving a nod to fashion magazines can be very inspiring. Here are some great spring fashion trends and their interior counterparts. And watch out for your shoes.

Cobalt Blue

Madewell Afternoon Dress

Cobalt Blue Outdoors HouseBeautiful


Anthropologie Floral Three-Act Maxi Dress

Florals Ukiyo Table

 Color Blocking & Pastels

Anthropologie Danita Sheath

Pastel Color Blocking HouseBeautiful

 African Print & Texture

Anthropologie Emaline Dress

San Anselmo Dining Room

Photos via Madewell, Anthropologie, Houzz, and HouseBeautiful.

It’s a pretty awesome relationship, actually. I think they might actually make it.

What fashion/interior design interpretations are you jonesing on these days?

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Join us for Image Design Camp!

Image Design Camp is coming! Image Design Camp is coming! Are you going?

Since learning Photoshop basics, I have created several new headers for my blog that I cannot wait to debut. Think what that would have cost me to have a graphic designer do that! Plus you’ll learn to edit photos and leave with a professional creative head shot and SO much more!! This class will pay for itself over and over again.

Join us May 3rd in Atlanta!

Image Design Camp

Bloggers and entrepreneurs will be inspired and equiped to take their blog and/or business to the next level. Image Design Camp is a one-day editing, branding, and creative workshop that will get your creative juices flowing. And we promise you will have serious FUN.

Bloggers and Entrepreneurs will learn how to:

  • Retouch Photos
  • Add Textures, Borders, Type & Drawing to Images
  • Prep Images for Mood Boards & Collages
  • Create Headers & Social Media Buttons

In Addition to your Photoshop Tutorial, You will Experience:

  • Professional Portrait taken by Photographer, Christina Wedge
  • Creative DIY Project with Designer, Gina Sims
  • Breakfast, Catered Lunch & Snacks
  • Curated Swag Bag
  • Signature Cocktail Hour
  • Door Prizes!

Christina Wedge Photography and Gina Sims Designs

You will learn a LOT and have a blast.

We promise. Do we look like we would lie to you?

Sign up to join us May 3 at Image Design Camp!

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How to Create a TV Gallery Wall (and why I don’t trust people that don’t watch TV)

I respect people that say they don’t own a TV, but I am 98% sure we will not be good friends. I need to relate on some pop culture level. I do not need you to know the details of the Kardashian’s last sisterly fight or the names of all the Housewives, but a knowing nod and disbelieving gasp about House of Cards or Parenthood or Brooklyn 99 (the list goes on) goes a long way. Also, they might be evil. I mean, if people do not watch TV, what do they do with all their time? Probably build bombs. (And this post is how I came to be followed by the NSA, kids).

For the rest of us muggles, television is a necessary part of our lives and therefore we must decorate around it. I typically do not try to hide the TV but I do like to diminish its visual impact. I love using a gallery wall to do this.

I recently put together a lovely feminine bedroom suite for a client. She needed to be able to see her TV from her bed and sitting area. She found an artist she liked and we selected floral, feminine art to surround her TV.

TV Gallery Wall Floral

Floral Gallery Wall and table top view

My inspiration came from these beautiful gallery walls…

This wall works because the art ties beautifully together – it is natural, simple, lovely. It does not fight with the television but you barely notice that it’s there!



I love how this gallery goes around the side of the chest of drawers. I doubt I would do this on both sides of a piece of furniture but I might balance this on the other side with a large fiddle leaf ficus or a floor to ceiling drapery panel.



So be proud you own a TV, binge watch away and decorate that fabulous black box with a great gallery wall.

See the rest of my client’s room here.

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Hunting Color in the Woods

When I walk in the woods, I’m that person on their hands and knees saying, “will you look at the colors in this moss!” and “this mushroom coming out of this green decaying log is blowing my mind!” There’s one like me in every group. Right? Right?

Every color is found somewhere in nature and the combinations create the most amazing palettes! I took these pictures last week when I was spending some time with dear friends at their place in the North Georgia Mountains. The colors are drawn directly out of the photos and I think would make a great palette for any home. So beautifully serene!

Blue Woods Color Bar

Woods Green Color Bar

It was a chilly, sunny day and as we wandered around the cabin (while my friend’s husband was frying up some fresh bass for dinner!), we came across beautiful details:  Dovetail joint walls against a natural stone fireplace, a waterfall and breathtaking artwork…

Cabin and Woods Details

…a doorstop that welcomes and marks the entrance to the home, amazing exterior colors on the little cabin and a chair on a screened-in porch that, if you close your eyes, you can hear beaconing you to rock in it.

Cabin in the WoodsAnd, of course, dear friends. Thanks for the relaxing and inspiring (and delicious!) stay, Ken and Bentley!

FriendsAhhh, wonderful! Now that the weather is starting (and then stopping and then starting) to warm, I’m getting ready to be inspired by the beach! Can I get an “Amen!”

Water-inspired color palette, here. I. come.


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